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Control knobs

GN 736.1

Type A without handpiece Mode S scale 0...90, 100 graduations
Type D with revolving cylindrical handpiece (for execution with collet Z only)
d1 d2 H8 d3 d4 d5 b -0,5 h l1 l2
  Bore               Handpiece
  without with with                
  keyway keyway collet                
52 B 10 K 10 Z 10 50 37 39,5 13 3,8 23 17 13
62 B 10 K 10 Z 10 60 47 49,5 13 3,8 23 17 14
Specification Information How to order

black anodized

Hub cover plastic
light grey

Revolving handles GN 599
Plastic (Technopolymer)

KeywayDIN 6885/1

Control knobs GN 736.1 are used for setting operations with low torque.

Coarse setting is made by means of the cylindrical handle (fingertip grip) followed by fine setting using the knurled rim of the knob.

All control knobs are produced with an ergonomically shaped and attractively designed rim.

The model fitted with collet offers an absolutely reliable mounting on the shaft and at the same time allows an easy setting of the adjustable scale ring wheel. The scale is wear resistant and easily legible since the engraved alu coloured numbers contrast with the black anodized drum surface. For full details of the available graduations, numbering sequence, number position and type of scale see.

Control knob
GN 736.1-62-B10-A

Code No. 736.1
d1 62
Bore Code B
d2 10
Type A

Control knob
GN 736.1-52-Z10-D-S

Code No. 736.1
d1 52
Bore code Z
d2 10
Type D
Mode S

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