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Cabinet "U" handles

GN 565.3

Type A mounting from the back Type B mounting from the operator's side
b l1 l2 l3 a d1 d2 h1 h2 r t
    Type A Type B   Type A Type B   Type B    
20 120 142 137 13 M 5 5,3 41 5 13 10
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Plastic coated
matt black (SW) RAL 9005
  textured finish

blank (BL)

Cabinet "U" handles GN 565.3 are from drawn aluminum, with a smooth surface and of a rigid de-sign.

They are suitable for applications where lower "lifting forces are required such as on lids or protective machine covers.

They can be mounted from the back (Type A) as well as from the front (Type B). Since the dimension l1 hole centres is identical on both types a pair of handles can also be mounted abutting each "other from the two sides.

The countersunk holes of type B allow fixing with self tapping screws or countersunk rivets.

Cabinet "U" handle
GN 565.3-20-120-B-SW

Code No. 565.3
b 20
l1 120
Type B
Finish SW

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