Standard machine elements from GANTER
The Catalogue

The GANTER Catalogue with its collection of standard clamping and operating parts, machine and ficture elements, together with indexing mechanisms, is an indispensable handbook for designing engineers and purchase departments.

On more than 250 pages you get to know detailed information about one of the worldwide largest ranges of standard machine components.

The Pictorial and Numerical Indexes at the beginning of the catalogue eliminate unnecessary searching for the required parts. Systematically arranged and easily overlookable, a unique collection of standard parts is brought to your attention.  

The Contents of the GANTER catalogue:

Part 1    Clamping and Operating Parts Part 2    Machine and Fixture Elements
 1.1 Handles 
 2.1 Indexing plungers 
Spring plungers 
Ball lock pins 
 1.2 Cabinet "U" handles
Tubular handles 
Ledge handles 
 2.2 Nuts, Screws, Washers 
Positioning elements 
 1.3 Cranked handles  2.3 Eccentrical cams 
Clamping bolts 
Shaft clamping units 
 1.4 Handwheels  2.4 Toogle clamps 
Hook clamps 
 1.5 Adjustable hand levers   2.5 Levelling feet 
Door locks 
 1.6 Clamping levers 
Tension levers
 2.6 Oil level sight glasses 
 1.7 Hand knobs, Star knobs, 
Wing screws, Wing nuts
Knurled srews, Knurled nuts
 2.7 Universal joints 
Fork joints 
Ball joints 
 1.8 Control knobs 
Indexing mechanisms
T.I Technical information normas DIN